U2#8 (Alyssa Eastwood)

We watched Frontline. 
1) The show was about kids and teens withe the internet and there parents dealing with it. 
2)The most memorable thing is when the teen went to the rock concert with all of his friends and they got drunk and his parents saw the pictures they posted. 
3)It is important to watch shows like these so you can see the other side of online that you personally don't experience. It also shows you the things that can happen if you are not careful. It is not important to watch shows like these because if a parents sees one they will get very paranoid and think this is what my kid is doing but in reality the kid most likely is not acting like that.
4)I will keep my future family safe by making a home network policy so they can not go on certain websites and will have to be offline at a certain time every night, etc.   
5)It is important to talk to your family about internet safety so they do not do something they will regret and that will come back to them in the long run. Also to keep them safe. 
6)I would tell them to watch Frontline and also make rules that apply to them.