Q4 Reflection Of Art Creations

For this quarter I have created very passionate drawing. Starting from figure drawing and getting down the bases of the drawing a body. Next with line drawing it creates stories without picking the pencil and thinking about it. The digital drawing was a new concept for me because I never really thought that you can create art with it. I really like how we combined everything we learn and created to make one whole drawing. 
When I think of art I feel like you need to have a lot of passion because it's being patient for realizing all that stress. That's why I love art and being surrounded with amazing, talented artist it motivates me. I also enjoy looking at their creations because I know it was hard work and it was unique. 
Like I previously said drawing takes time and having the right tools like different types of pencils for drawings is essential. For example, for value drawing its best if you have HB pencil and then add darkness with HB4 and/or adding layers in your drawing. 
This time I had in class I enjoyed even though I didn't use it correctly, I was more worried about other work due the next period or the next day. But when I got home I would spend on my creations for about 30 minutes to free my mind. Also this year I was able to get to know about Ms. Hull more and have conversations on whatever come up to my mind or hers. Even when we had art class in the lunch room and playing with her son for the class period. These times like those you can't take back. I'm really going to miss art class and Ms. Hull!!!  Also an appreciation to my mom for encouraging me through this whole year, it's crazy it's a year. Thank Youu