Online Identity Larrabee

​1) We watched an interactive video about bullying where you could choose whether the kid was bullied or not. At the end, the kid was harassed online as well as at school.
2) The kid has no escape from the bullying he receives at school as he's still bullied online.
3) I never really associate with people I don't know online and I don't do any social media. I try to talk with random strangers as little as possible. When I do, I try to be polite and respectful.
4) Other people hopefully see me as just another random guy on the internet. I prefer to keep a low profile.
5) Internet trolls just want to piss people off.
6) The positive is that you can choose to remain unknown if you wish which is nice. The downside is that people feel they can say whatever they want because no one knows it's them.