My New Slide

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When I first made my slide, I thought it was perfect and it didn't need changing. But, when I presented in front of my class, I saw that there were actually flaws. The critique taught me a lot of things. The most important thing I learned was that no matter how great you thought your slide was, it had flaws. When first making my slide, I didn't think much about the colors that went into it. But, when presenting, I noticed flaws with the colors I used. One person told me I should use the color wheel to help with that issue. Even though it seems obvious, I never thought of color when making my slide. I also learned a lot about fonts. Before, I didn't know what a sans or serif was, now I know it helped a lot when making my slide. 
The most important change I made was to delete the rose. I only needed one flower and I thought the sunflower was better for my slide. I also made the sunflower a lot bigger and made it the center of attention. I spaced my sentence around the flower to give the illusion of the two combing. Also, I made the most important words in my sentence a script font and put it in a different color than the rest of the text. I chose purple because it was across the color wheel from yellow, which is the color of the sunflower, so it matched well. I also made my name much smaller and in a more basic font. I wrapped my name around the stem of the flower so people know it was mine, but it isn't the center of attention. I made a lot of changes to my slide but they all were useful.
The research I did helped a lot when changing my slide. Most of the research I read said that simplicity was key and I didn't follow that advice in my original slide. I think my slide is much simpler and therefore, more eye catching. The golden rule is; less is more.  I also read a lot about color. If you have too much color, it can be too busy, so I only put a few colors in my slide. But, I think the most important thing I read about is making the slide not boring. The best way to do this is not have everything be straight. It can be boring to look at if you do this. I tried to make my text have interesting spacing so it wouldn't be boring. All of my research was very helpful when making my new slide. 
Some sources I used were Presentation Zen,, and My dad also helped me create this slide because he knows a lot about design.