Georjelis' Art Slideshow

In this quarter for advanced art I made multiple art works. I made a fall art hanging, a drawing for a ceiling tile and a self-portrait. When I made my art I had different influences to create it. For the ceiling tile I made it about something important to me and my country is important to me, also to create awareness about the crisis in Venezuela. Compared to the fall hanging I didn't wasn't really prepared and focused but I tried to do something different. I took leafs from the tree in front of my house and with the leafs I took pieces and made it so I can be a pumpkin. I colored over it with fall like colors like red, orange, green, and yellow. Now my self portrait I wanted to do my flaws in my drawing. I know one eye is bigger than the other and one eyebrow is more arched than the other, but a mistake I did was picked a photo that I had makeup on. I could've had a natural face so I can really show my scars. 
In the process of making my art I used a various of tools, and techniques. For most of my art works I used pencil to trace and make it like my blueprint. Paint, paint brushes, colored pencils, glue, paper, water was also used throughout. Techniques I learned was that shading is a big part to doing the nose, no harsh lines. Also a really good technique that I've been doing since I was a kid was when you sharpen a color pencil you take a shavings off and use the small pieces of the color pencil and rub it so it can be a soft texture to the art work. When you want to draw a self portrait it good to have different types of pencils. For example, 4B is for harsh lines and bold, 2H, H, and HB are pencils that are from light to dark shades. These drawing pencils are a good tool to use to create a realistic drawing from scratch. 
I admit that I wasn't focused in class and I missed a class of art but my passion for art never changed. I will always love art especially coloring. My goal is to be more focused in my work and use every work period like I suppose to. I learned a lot this quarter either from grading, techniques to socially in art class. Also I observed that I'm in a class with artists that are amazing with their art work and they are very inspiring with their work.