Artist's Statement

For this quarter I created from recreating a piece of artwork to photo editing. I recreated two types of flower, cherry blossom and a read morning glory flower. In the photo editing I used photos when I went to Venezuela. I got pictures of myself with the background with the sky on top of The Avila mountain in Caracas. I also have a picture of my uncles because they perform for the people, and tourist that go there. The important source is being observant of what you are trying to do because you can’t just do whatever. Well for my experience I need to be observant to recreate something or take a good picture. I used snapseed to edit my pictures, and it’s a very useful app because you can select points in the picture to make it better in that point you picked. Also my phone was a good tool because it has cropping pictures and adjusting brightness.

My preferences is editing pictures to submit a work if you need to take a picture because you can edit the brightness, contraction or anything else. The material I prefer is color pencils and markers because markers are great to mark lines and coloring in with color pencils. I did learn a new technique, using the projector to copy a drawing. It’s the best thing ever because you can be a skilled drawer or not and still us it  it’s so helpful. I didn’t use special tools this quarter but I learn about a eraser that is used to decrease or blend a drawing. The studio time was spent productive even if it wasn’t art, I would be doing work from another class after I was done my artwork.

My important thing happen was communicating with the teacher because if I was communicated with her I wouldn’t been marked late. I try my art pieces  to connect with me some way, the photo editing was about me and my country Venezuela and my uncles that have been there for me and trust. The artwork is from an anime I used to watch and my uncle has a cherry blossom flower tattooed on him so that inspired me. When I chose my own painting I wanted to do something from my childhood so I did Mickey Mouse and the gang when they were babies.