Week 8 - Link

This quarter, there were many different yet similar pieces done. While doing the pieces for this quarter, I noticed that most of them were much more time consuming than from what I could compare to the last quarters. The assignments were very flexible in terms of how you created it and what it was. Many of the assignments were free hand structured. In attempt to do good work, I tried out different techniques like tracing, different styles like straighter lines, and more. I would say that my favorite assignment was on the computer when we could do whatever we wanted. This was fun because we could use a lot of different colors and different shapes. It did not necessarily have to be anything specific, which was a nice break from our other assignments. For these assignments we did this quarter, I noticed that we did a lot of sketch-like drawings. This was very fun to do since I could test myself and how steady my hand is. Overall, I would say this was not my favorite quarter, but it was memorable.