The Wild Talk

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Alex: Juanito Hernandez, Big shirt and shorts, sandals, black socks, sunglasses, I was with a gang named los Cholos. I lived my life just protecting the neighborhood and I used to smoke a lot of weed. I’m only 20 years old and I’m a dropout. I never really liked reading  but the book Wild by Cheryl made me turn my life around.

Lucas Name: Charlie Akoni. Jamaican beanie jamaican colors, lived off land for four years because of Jamaican poverty, spiraled into drug addiction but is clean, met a hyper religious Buddhist man who taught me discipline, and sent me on the road to be a part of the Jamaica Defense Force, got injured, retired, moved to USA, read many books I felt I could relate to.. was disappointed while reading wild because of how Cheryl made it easy for herself.

Cheryl: will I am cheryl and we read the book

Everyone on the talk show will have a brief introduction of themselves

PROPS; sign names for everyone. The “wild show” sign in the back. Water bottles with “the wild show tags”

SETTINGS: in school. In a clean pretty place.

Juanito: Sup fools, I’m Juanito coming from Huejotzing0, Mexico.   


1. How do you relate to cheryl? What problems do you have/had in Life?

Charlie- I can relate to the wilderness survival aspect of her hike, I lived in poverty for four years, age 16- 20 after my parents died. Also, I had a brief period of strong drug addiction as she did before her hike.

Juanito- Yea fool, me and Cheryl relate way back because at some point in our lives we were both drug addicts. You know fool my momma died long ago and I feel her pain.

2. .Would you do the same thing cherly did, cross the PCT?

Charlie- Yes, in fact I would do the PCT hike as a passtime one month, and would not use cars and stoves. Why did you go on the PCT if you just hitchhiked most of the way and gave yourself so much extra help in the beginning?

Juanito- That’s what I did fool.

3.what do you think of my book?

Charlie- I think that the book is a little misleading. It’s name is “Wild” about it was the rash on your foot. I believe that you shouldn’t have    it seem like a survival book where you struggled on a trail with land living if it is not that at all. It’s a pure misnomer.

Juanito: I loved your book fool, I loved how you went from your life falling apart to yet again bring yourself back up there. You know, you changed the path of your life fool and that’s tough.

4.What do think of the people I encountered(not just on PCT), like Paul, Doug, you all those people?

Charlie- I think that these people also helped you too much and that if your intention was to do the trail and have an almost spirit-walk type of journey you shouldn’t have surround yourself with people who had privileged themselves so much.

5.What do you think of monster, what should I have done about that huge problem?

Charlie- your backpack, was too overencumbered, and overpacked for the journey that you wanted to take.

Juanito- your bag was too much fool, come one please, you over exaggerated. I only took my sandals and 3 pairs of every clothing. My tims as well.

6.  What should I have done on the trail, instead of ride cars most of the way?

Charlie- It’s not what you did on the trail, it’s the misnomer in the title and what you made your journey out to be in your book.

Juanito- To be honest fool, i think you should have walked the full way but your feet were in bath condition fool, so you did the right thing.

7. When do you think it’s sometimes better to turn away from your problems?

Charlie- When you feel that your problem is not worth solving, and when you feel that the answer would be to run away, most times, I like to face my problem head on though.

Juanito- When you feel like you can’t take all the stress, I think that’s the best time to turn away from your problems because it’s time to meditate fool.

8.Do you think wild is a misnomer for my book?

Charlie- Yes, an extreme one in fact. I feel that your title appealed more to people who have interests in the wilderness more than its actual audience. The summary of your book also leads people to believe that it is something that it is not, a survival book, about a challenge through wilderness.

9. How was your experiencing hiking different from mine?

Charlie- I didn’t do that specific hike, however, I did live on my own off of the land for four years, which hiking was a big part of. I had nothing besides the few artifacts that I could salvage from my home before leaving.

Juanito- It’s different because I walked the whole thing. would you react with your family with doing all that, like coming home after waking/riding cars up the PCT?

Juanito- I don’t have family anymore.

11. I had a lot of support from people when I hiked the PCT, did you have anyone with you when you hiked the PCt as well?

Juanito- I wish I had someone, I was alone. Don’t get me wrong though, it was a nice feeling because it was just me and mother nature. I could relax and find my true identity.

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