Q4 Art Slideshow

For this quarter we focused on creating drawings using the 7 elements of art and different mediums.
The thumbnail figure sketches were drawn on newsprint with sharpie while the final figure drawing was made on newsprint with pencil. I wanted to challenge myself with this assignment as I have a bit of experience with figure drawing, so I used a contortionist for my reference.
The first two line drawings were more figure sketches of classmates made with pencil and sketchbook paper. The continuous line still life was made with sharpie on sketchbook paper under a time constraint of five minutes.
I have very little experience with digital art but I didn't want to just make a few basic patterns, so I made this odd pop-art-esque rift full of eyes. I used a layering tool and bright contrasting colors to create some depth.
For the illusion of space drawing I took a sketch of a leviathan from my sketchbook, gave it a few touch-ups, and created a shaded background for it to blend into. The goal was to make it look as if it was swimming out from the gloom. The drawing was made with pencil on sketchbook paper.
The texture drawing was rather tricky. I used colored pencils and tried to apply different amounts of pressure to try and give some depth to items in the still life. The required textures didn't exactly lend themselves all that well to tomatoes and green beans and there were more textures than indevidual objects, so I ended up applying individual textures to individual artichoke segments.
The value drawing was made using charcoal on newsprint. For my reference, I posed a stuffed bat with a few pieces of fabric and tried to capture the different values created by the folds in the fabric.
The elements of art drawing was made using pencil for the base lineart, gone over with inking pens, and colored with a single magenta colored pencil. I wanted to use high-contrast colors and shading to give the character as much presence as possible.