Q4 - Art Blog Post

This quarter in Art class, we were given 7 assignments alongside this blog post. These assignments focused on many different elements that are commonly utilized in art. Most of these assignments were done with pencil, besides one, which was done online.

The first week focused on line drawings. This was the assignment I put the most work into. The goal was to research different poses, and draw the people accurately. It was interesting to view how different poses or movements have the ability to change an entire piece of art. I preferred using pencil for this assignment, due to constantly having to erase or redo certain parts.

The next assignment was the line drawing. I learned about the technique of line size. Lines have the ability to change a piece of art depending on how large or thin they are. I decided to draw more simple objects to see how I could change line size.

The digital drawing was the third assignment. Through this assignment, I realized that I preferred drawing with pencil over drawing digitally. There are a lot of different buttons and options for online drawing, even with a simple website like the one I used. However, online drawings do seem easier for different tasks over using pencil, such as more complex drawings. I learned that an online medium does have positives to being used.

For the next assignment, we had to create the illusion of space. Through this assignment, I was able to strengthen my knowledge of one-point perspectives and gain a greater understanding of shading and value, which would be used later.

The next assignment was to practice drawing with texture. To being, I drew many examples of common textures. This helped me realize the importance of texture. It can create depth and more realistic art. I believe texture is best done with a pencil as well, as I found myself erasing incorrect textures frequently.

The value drawing focused on using shading and tones of an object. This assignment felt the most difficult to adjust to, due to the amount of factors that had to be considered. Light sources and shading techniques, alongside other factors, were all needed to create a realistic value drawing. I used pencil again because I felt that shading is best done with a pencil. I spent a good portion of my studio time researching how to create a realistic tone when a light source exists.

For the elements of art drawing, I decided to draw a flower. I believed that a natural object could best use all of the elements we learned in art class overall. I used pencil and colors to create this piece because I had to focus on value and line size. This drawing made me realize that it takes a lot of effort to create a piece that uses multiple elements of art, which I had not done before. This allowed for an interesting process and end result

Overall, I thought this quarter helped strengthen my understanding of the fundamentals of art. Each week presented a different and new topic, and I was able to use most of them in later assignments.