Q3 Art Slideshow

This past quarter we completed five assignments, creating six pieces of art in the process. For the first assignment, we were supposed to draw a bicycle. I didn't want to draw just a bicycle, so I drew a bicycle-riding merchant using pencil and then inking the lines with micron pens. I admittedly got a bit carried away on this piece. For the first part of the optical illusion assignment, I shaded each quadrant of the piece with vine charcoal. The second part was completed very close to the deadline so I was only able to draw and shade the spheres with pencil. For the shading forms assignment, I drew and shaded a sphere, a cube, and a cylinder with pencil. For the eye drawing, I drew my friend's eye instead of my own as I felt it would provide more of a challenge. I, once again, used only pencil. For the mandala, I used pencil for the outlines and contrasting red and blue colored pencils for the rest. The designs are rather plain and are partially obscured by the colored pencil, but I'm satisfied with the end result.