Q2 Art Slideshow - Ethan Larrabee

Our first assignment this quarter was to create ten blind contour drawings. I mainly used pictures of various musicians along with a few other things such as my own hand. When coloring, I used colored pencils to try and mimic the original pictures though I tried some more abstract color choices as well. The whole thing was sort of a rushed job like most of my art assignments. For the painting, I actually didn't have access to paints, so I once again had to use colored pencils. For the flames, I used a mix of several yellow, red, and orange pencils.
For the recreated piece, I found a photo of an old alley and added some characters of my own using pencil. I orginally wanted to ink it and add more detail but I unfortunately ran out of time. For my illustration piece, I used lyrics from a song by Queens of the Stone Age and created the drawing with pencil, inking it afterwards. As for the photo editing, I used the "painting" assignment from ealier in the quarter. I wanted to try and bring the flames out a bit more from the rest of the light and create more contrast. Unfortunately, I have very little experience with photo editing, so it ended up a bit of a mess.