Q1 Final Project

For my ceiling tile, I used a mix of several acrylic paints to create a muted background and then painted the design in black. The hardest part about this was getting the mixture just right and that took almost an entire class period. I couldn't really decide what to paint, so I just used a drawing in my sketchbook. It depicts a sad crow boy sitting underneath a dead tree.
For my fall wall hanging I drew a possessed scarecrow in a moonlit cornfield. I used pencil for the line work and colored it with colored pencil. To give it a sort of darker look, I decided to leave it rough instead of cleaning it up and inking it like I originally planned (and totally not because I ran out of time).
For my self portrait, I decided to once again go with the rougher style and used mostly pencil and a bit of charcoal to give myself a disheveled appearance. The little guy on my head is supposedly a representation of my darker thoughts. This was drawn on 18x24" paper.