Q1: Art Slideshow

Artist Statement 

Ceiling Tile: 
My source idea for this piece was the core figure. Once I had drawn the female at the start, the idea for an acrobatic design followed. The biggest challenge came from choosing the right colors for each body part and item of clothing that was involved. Each body part had to work together for the idea of consistency and elegance I was trying to maintain. I learned that two colors one did not expect to work together might come through for you in the clutch. I used a simple pencil, colored pencils, and an eraser for the draft. Later, I used paints and paintbrushes for the final version. All of my studio time was used developing this. Remember that art is never perfect and something can always be done for improvement. 

Fall Wall Hanging: 
I used food as the base for this piece. I was really hungry when I started this one. I mostly worked with shading and perception for this one. How one sees the pumpkin was important to me for this. I wanted to make it look good enough to eat. I used only colored pencils for the shading which made this piece look more authentic in my opinion. I learned that certain materials are better than others when it comes to making something look real. Most of the time was spent researching what a real pumpkin look like and which ones look the tastiest and look drawable. Authenticity is greatly appreciated and valued for me. 

Self Portrait: 
The most important part of creating this piece was my face and having a reliable way of looking at it while I drew. I used my tablet's glass surface when off to draw myself. It was a bit unorthodox, but it did the trick. I find I prefer to pencil draw complicated things first before going over it again with more permanence. I learned that if you let it, charcoal will get everywhere, and I mean everywhere. And I did use a lot of charcoal for this piece. I don't use it usually, but it was great at bolding the lines on my face and showing the boundaries. I spent my time in class mainly modifying what I drew to make it more accurate. I found that I am better at drawing glasses than I thought.