Printmaking - Cameryn Roach

Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.59.12 PM
Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.59.12 PM
​My element is Scandium. Scandium was discovered by Lars Fredrik Nilson within the minerals euxenite and gadolinite in 1876. Nilson and his colleagues identified the element while they were searching for rare earth metals. Nilson also named the element after the Latin word Scandia, which meant "Scandinavia". Its atomic number is 21, the element symbol is Sc, and it's labeled as both a transition metal and a rare earth metal. Scandium is used by aerospace industry units and sports equipment companies for things like bicycle frames, baseball bats, fishing rods, and gold iron shafts. 

 I picked up the thought to create a lightbulb for my print because I saw on a website that Scandium iodide's applied in mercury vapor lights to help duplicate sunlight on a television or movie set, which is used in the film industry. For the process of getting to my final product, first I had to make three rough draft sketches of things I might want to use. Second, I had to pick one and trace it onto a small rectangle of tracing paper. Then I had to flip the tracing paper over so that the letter and numbers would be backwards when I copied my design onto our printing square. After that, I got to pick out of four colors to roll onto our square, and once I finished covering it with the right amount of paint, I placed it face down on a blank sheet of paper. I had to press the blank piece of paper down onto my square with a wooden spoon to get all the paint onto the paper. I redid this process four times to get all the prints I needed. During the next class when the prints were dry, I used a ruler to help get rid of the white area around my print, and then I used a colored piece of construction paper for my 1-inch border.

If I did this print a second time, I would change my design to something else. It would still be of a light bulb, just different in some way. I enjoyed the final stages of the project the most (everything I had to do after the print dried). I liked this the most because it seemed to be more relaxing and chill than everything else.