New Slide Tech -Annie Chen

Tech Slide 11%2F16 (2)

I learned new things and new ideas that could help me and my slide that I hadn’t thought of before. I learned that I had a lot of blank spaces and I could use those blank spaces to my advantage. I also learned that I should probably add color to my background because it was a little boring and tepid. In all, the critiques were constructive and all useful. I kept basing my slide off of the one idea of always keeping everything simple and I might’ve went a little overboard.

I made my slide dramatically different as in terms of displacing the words, the images to cover blank spaces. I took advantage of all of the blank spaces I had. I also made my background a light faded blue color to contrast the black letters. I had to pick a new earth image because in order to change the background color, the earth had to have the blank space around it. I had to make sure the picture was also legal to use.  The faded blue isn’t very loud, it’s calming in a way, so the letters and image aren’t disrupted. I enlarged the words and the picture. I also slanted the writing, made sure they were all at 341 degrees or else it would’ve looked wonky and tilted unevenly. I placed it exactly 341 degrees because I had positioned it in many different angles, some were nice but I ultimately decided on 341.

The research definitely helped with my slide and my talking parts of the project. I researched other sites and youtube videos about how to make things pop. Most of them all had the same suggestions, and critiques. I really enjoyed looking into Project Zen, when explaining the simplicity of the IKEA signs. Even just learning new vocab words such as contrast. There were many things that I knew of but didn't know the official title for it. It helped a lot, I had less repetition of words. I also learned new techniques that I maybe wouldn’t know or use in my slide. I used the different rules from presentation zen, and the other websites.

More than anything, I think I got inspired when I saw my other classmate’s slides. I saw all the different techniques they had used to make their own slide. When I originally made my slide, I think apart of me wanted to keep it as simple and easy as possible, everything was an average scale of things.  When I received my critiques, I decided to go out of my comfort zone with dilating everything bigger.