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For Intro to Tech and Comp App, I had to make a home network chart. On it includes my phone, my mom' phone, my dad's phone, our desktop, my laptop, my dad's laptop, and all four of our tv's. My Wii U and my dad's PS3 are on it, too. We also have a wireless printer, so I had to include that in there. I learned a lot about routers and modems, what not to do and what to do when it comes to certain things, and I learned how the internet was created and how it works. I would tell other people that they should know if they either have a modem, a router, or both.

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Matalai Lee (Student 2021)
Matalai Lee

I notice that you have a lot of televisions in your house and a lot of things that are connected to your network. I wonder if how fast your internet runs. What if you had to do this project over again, what would you keep the same and what would you do differently.