Element Cutout: Sulfur


My Element is Sulfir, and its atomic number is 16. You can find it in coulum 16 of the periodic table. Sulfur was first discovered in prehistoric times, but it was said that it was first discovered in 1777, by a french scientist named Antoine Lavoisier. Sulfur was officially and element in 1787, but it was known as a compound until 1867 when it was discovered that it was not a compound of anything. 
Sulfur is used in many things such as black gun powder, fertilizers, sulfuric acid for batteries, as well as fireworks, paper, and in some medicines.
I had gotten my idea of drawing a cracked egg for my print-out because I found out that Sulfur is used in eggs. I had thought that Sulfur wasn't edible, but when I realized that Sulfur is in the food we eat, I had decided to choose the most common food where Sulfur is found.
First, I had 3 different drawings for Sulfur, one was like a Sulfur terminal, another was a bar of soap because Sulfur is also found in face soap I then drew the egg and I felt like that this drawing looked way netter than the others, as well as giving a small image of the fact that Sulfur is found in the food we eat. 
Second, I had traced my image onto some wax paper, so I could use it as a stencil for when I had to put it into my foam plate in order to roll the ink on top to print it onto normal paper. I then used a ruler to rip the sides off of the image to give it a bit of a jagged look. I had measuered a piece of construction paper to be a 1-inch border around the printed image(the egg) and then gluded it onto the paper once I was satified.
If I could do this a second time, I would want to mix colors to give it a more unique look, as well as took my time with the tearing, because as you can see, some of the image is ripped.
I enjoyed the tearing part the most of this project. I had to put a ruler on around the edges of my images to rip the excess paper around it to give it that jagged look. I enjoyed this the most because not only did it feel satisfying to rip the paper off, it inspired me to try to make images with jagged images.