Could a day get better?

“Hmm what do I still need to do today?”

“Ughh, why can’t I think? Hmmmmm.”

“Ohh that’s right, I still need to go food shopping, and I still have to drop that sweater off at Jack’s house, hmmmm homework, laundry, cleaning my room, blaah blaah.”

“Ughh I’m so tired? Why do I always have so much to do,? I just want a break.” (Sigh)

“I'm writing a letter to you (laugh), even though I know you're never going to receive it but I'm just going to update you on the things that have been happening so far In my life. I wish you were here it would've been different, not (hesitates)-hard, I miss you so much you can’t imagine..and-and sophomore year now, uhh it's crazy!”

“The days are flying by so fast. I still remember the day we were applying for middle schools you and I and now here, IN high school already.”

“It sucks, it really does!”

The amount of homework you get! It bothers me that I have such a big responsibility not only in school, but at home as well.

I feel like they think after school from 3:00 to whatever time I go to bed is all for homework,  it isn’t,  I need to take a nice long nap once I get back from school A BREAK and I wake up until really late and then there's all this homework I have to do ughhh

Life and school can be exhausting and being a teenager I know you never got to teenager but it sucks.

They think that I - (hesitate) Well teenagers are soooo bad but really it's not like that being a teenager is just stressful I don't understand what can we do that's so bad when all we want is to take a break it's not like we can go anywhere Where just stressed and want a nap and a break from everything and we have a bunch of homework so we can't do anything anyways

And on top of all of it they never trust you and blame your phone for everything like “I'm hungry” that's because of your phone then they just make you hate yourself for even talking in the first place and TO BE HONEST this is 100% accurate to all teenagers all they really want is a bowl of popcorn and watching Netflix and curled up on the couch with a blanket even when our friends texted us saying hey do you want to hang out “I'm really busy today” But we actually arnt were laying on our bed watching a movie. That's all we really want is a break and for everyone to stop thinking that teenaghers make stupid decsions and are reckless and cannot be trusted. That’s in the movies but in reality it's not true at all more and more reasons why i’m so stressed and don't even get me started on boy problems ughhhh so confusing but so far my day sucks just like every other day so i’m kind of used it and I… (Cut off)

Wooaaahhh! (Shake)

okaaayy…. (Confused/scared feeling)

“probably just a little bump, no big deal”

“I mean they're just a little scared because we weren’t expecting it, Right ?”

(Because everyone looks scared)

“Okayyyy…. Um, what just happened?”

“Why are the lights getting dimmer?” Ahhh (holding on)


“What’s going on?”

“OH MY GOD, What’s happening?”

“What's going on I can’t see anything”

“OH MY, T-Tthe lights are off!”


(people screaming)



“It stopped” (surprised happy)

“It stopped, it actually stopped”(everybody gets quiet)


They're going to save us they are

(low) they are

I guess a day could get a little better (smiles)

(small laugh)