Cameryn Roach

For my All About Me slide, I decided to use pictures that I took myself, since they would better describe me compared to images on Google. The theme of the slide consists of black and hues of blues and greys. I used contrast by making the background of the slide black with some empty space so that your attention would go to the words and the pictures in the middle of the slide. I left it this way because I thought that it looked clean and not cluttered. The text lists things that describe me, and I made them large and light blue to match the hues in the pictures. The visual theme is obviously the beach/photography, and the slide gets straight to the point. The intensity and value of the beach makes it more intriguing to whoever’s looking at it. Another reason why I made the slide look this way is because it really does reflect who I am. I love taking pictures of scenery and it’s simple which is something I always try to look forward to.