Annie Chen

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This is my slide. In my Me Magazine, I specially mentioned many quotes that are important to me, I picked the one that I use and love.

Keeping it simple

In the Presentation Zen, when Garr Reynolds was in Osako Japan, he used the IKEA signs as an example to explain in design. He said that keeping it very minimal and simple was a very good way to get whatever the selling product is out.  As Zach Holman said in his writing, slides, posters, billboards need to be nice to look at for our eyes.

Another vital factor that many people don’t realize is when they try to cram too much information into one slide. I knew I wasn’t going to put as super long quote on my slide and have it in size 11 font, it wouldn’t be comfortable for my audience to read a super long paragraph that is difficult to read.  I gave “EVERYTHING” a different font because I wanted to show emphasis on it, by making it a little bigger, different font.

It’s always about pleasing the human eye with visuals, rules such as repetition of patterns are quite nice to look at, also contrast rules are very paramount. I chose to have the white background and to use   Black for my font color because black and white contrast color contrast each other. It also looked nice when reading, it is clear to view.

I kept a lot of spaces because also, it gives our eyes a nice view to look at because our eyes likes simple, we don’t like looking at too much things, a lot times, we can't focus.

Image; Instead of putting many images that could go along with my quote, I decided on picking just one to represent my central idea of the quote.