All About Me Slide - Cameryn Roach

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When I presented my slide to my peers, I gained critique about the font, the placement of the words, and the background. I was told that the font of the words didn’t really describe me, since it was really basic. The background had seemed boring, and the placement of the words could’ve been better. I learned that what they were saying was true, and maybe I didn’t step back and look at it long enough.

After I looked at the background, I thought that it should stay the way it was. According to the sources, empty spaces and bright colors are the best way to go. The black background would draw your eyes towards that colors, and the hues worked well with each other, so I didn’t change anything about that. The font to me was boring, so I played around with different types ones until I settled on Lobster, a thick and cursive font. I changed “photography” into photographer and “art” into artist. I put those two words below the side pictures, and I put my name at the top middle, since this slide is about me.

The research helped me realize what good points I would’ve missed if I didn’t read them. It helped me learn new words for when I had to write my script, and it made everything more cohesive. Before I read the info on how to make a good slide, I was going to put words that described me everywhere, but I learned that big and simple is better, since the slides are supposed to provide more of a visual rather than text. Some of the sources that I used were Presentation Zen, Slide Design for Developers, and Elements of Design Defined for the slide itself, and I used my phone for the pictures.