Advanced Essay #3

Salsabeel Elbakhadaoui

English 3


8 March 2018

Me Modeling

All my life, I’ve wanted to be a model. People have always told my parents --I’d make the perfect suit. As I grew up, I realized it was my passion. It’s something I always found interesting and fun. Aside from all the bad, I always saw good. As I grew up I began looking for connections, like close friends that could help me achieve my dreams. As I did that I got closer and closer. Modeling is a very difficult career. You must put your mind into it, have a lot dedication, and bravery if not you will lose.

Modeling comes with a lot of hardships that will possibly break you down. There are so many standards that come along with being in the industry-- size, height, weight, looks. A lot of models tend to form eating disorders. Like Sadie Robertson who performed on dancing with the stars. Also Zuzanna Buchwald who has developed Bulimia and Anorexia. They were told they were too fat and may not get any jobs. People will tell you that you're not pretty enough like for example some of the managers of some shoots or hate comments on social media. Jordyn Woods said an inspirational quote that stuck on the show Life of Kylie. “I'm not the typical model. I'm not size 0 and I’m not 10 feet tall. So I think it's really cool for you girls to see you can do anything you put your heart to, the possibilities are endless.” This quote resonated with me because society tells girls they must be a certain way but you can achieve anything. Getting into the industry you cannot trust anyone. Many photographers can use your body to make millions of dollars and give you nothing. You must know what you are getting into before anything.

Despite all the bad things, modeling comes with great and amazing experiences. I've always wanted to be a model because I always found and felt a great feeling while taking pictures. A quote from my friend who is a model “I feel unstoppable like superman on the runway.” Young girls look up to models but because of society and social media it makes it seem like one type of model is how women are supposed to be. These things are shaping young women and girls identity and making them feel like they are not beautiful. But you can do anything if you put your mind to it and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Modeling nowadays can break you down and you have to be very confident and love your body. Modeling not only can hurt the model but also young girls making them believe their is only one kind of beautiful but if we all looked the same this world would be a boring place.

Fashionable trendy Clothing companies barely had any clothes that were Plus sized. Women who loved a piece of clothing weren't able to buy it because it didn’t come in their size. Lane Bryant was the first to start working with Plus sized clothing. If you are aware of Fashionnova which is a very successful company in which all celebrities and models purchase clothing from. They made two seperate pages on instagram one for Plus sized and the other for the main running sizes, instead of just having the sizes running to the highest number they have.

Calvin Klein also came out with their first Plus sized model in 2014 and had many people angry. “Tell me is this a joke? Plus size!? Congrats on giving another generation of girls eating disorders and insecurities.”(Tyldesley, Tweet) These things really damage a women and girls confidence.

Modeling is also a very enjoyable job. For example they get their makeup and hair done. There are a lot of clothes to pick from and they also get paid well for a job they enjoy doing. My father is my role model and he supports me everyday, he tells me how beautiful I am all the time and always buys me the clothes I want. My father makes sure everything is perfect for me. Sometimes he helps me do my makeup and hair and always gives me advice. My father always supported me through my dreams and one of them, of becoming a model. My father helped shape my identity and the person I have become today.

In conclusion modeling is the art of showing beauty and being confident. My father pushes me to become a model and he sees the potential in me. Modeling gives women and girls a sense of love for their inner beauty.


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