Advanced Essay #1: Upturns

Introduction: I personally enjoyed the making of this essay, I loved writing the descriptive scenes. I feel like i'm better with writing descriptive scenes and creative writing than any other type. I'm really proud of my scenes more than anything, but I think I could improve on my reflections. Overall i'm really happy and proud of this essay.

Dating your best friend must be something different, especially when you know them so well, you know their deepest darkest secrets and they know yours. You both know you like one another but you could never admit it until you drifted apart.  

There he was standing right infront of me, giving me that “love at first sight” look. Each of his arms were in each pocket of his beige joggers, He was wearing a black floral tank top and was looking down at me. He was at least 5’11, his blondish hair was tucked into his snapback.

“You look gorgeous” he says. I smile and begin walking along his side as he holds my hand.

We walked into a pool hall called Seventy Five and found a seat all the way at the back of the hall. I begin fiddling in my purse and take out my charger to charge my phone. He lays his arm around my shoulders and we begin talking about what we’ve been doing with our lives as the waiter comes by

“What would you like to have ?”  

We both ordered drinks and he gets up to pay for two rounds of pool.

“Je ne sais pas how to play pool,” I say, and began laughing

He smiles at me and says, “C’est pas grave, doesn’t matter I’ll teach you, you won’t lose.”

I was leaning against the pool table as he was fixing everything. I was wearing a green crop top with a high waisted mini skirt from H&M with buttons running down the middle. My hair was naturally curled, loose big curls that spiraled so perfectly and evenly.

I could see him from the side of my eye staring so hard at me, it was all so crazy at the same time how close we once were and how we’re finally admitting feelings to each other but it’s like we never left.

“Salsa ready?”

He aims the cue stick at the ball and positions my arms and hands as he’s standing behind me bending over at my height, I turn around and stare into his eyes as he stares into mine.

I never forgot that moment, I never forgot him, and I never forget how it all changed. It marks a spot when lose your best friend because they hurt you. This is someone you always trusted, this is someone you grew up with. It was shocking, Shock like the shock I felt when I was told I might have had cancer. Last year I broke my ribs, dehydrated, had an inflamed liver, and a mass all at the same time. I couldn’t walk, breathe, sleep, sit, turn, stand, laugh, and 12 hour pain killers didn’t work on me. But Thank god I didn’t have cancer and I am back and healthy.  I’ve explored many different kinds of shocks in my life that really changed me as person.

Four years ago I almost died… It made me a stronger and a braver person than I was before. We were at JFK International Airport and ready to go back to Morocco like every summer. I couldn’t wait to see my family and friends and spend time with them. I was about 12 years old at the time, holding a baby blue suitcase ready to have the summer of my life. Who knew what fright was awaiting us that day.

The weather was completely different when we got to New York it was really windy and it seemed as though a storm was heading our way. I was wearing a white Nike hat, high waisted shorts, and a plain, white, cropped shirt.  

“Ladies and gentleman I am sorry for the delay, but we are now taking off,” said the woman over the intercom, thank you for choosing Royal Air Maroc,” she continued. “Please enjoy the flight,” she finally said before ending the announcement.

After getting situated I began watching Frozen with my little sister,

They gave the orders to the pilot to take off after keeping us in a plane for 2 hours because of the turbulence  

“Let it go, let it go I can’t hold it back anymore,” Elsa started to sing.

My head bannged into the ceiling, the food in the back spilled, and all I could hear were people screaming and crying. The flight attendants started running towards their seats to put on their seat belts.

“S’il vous plaît, calmez vous. S’il vous plaît! Calme toi!” said the flight attendants.

I couldn’t think, everything was going by so fast and I couldn’t register what was going on but all I could do was wait and see how it ended. If I didn’t go through this all I feel like I wouldn’t be the person I am today.