Artist statement

I created a lot of flowers in my art work. I've always loved flowers, and creating them to be unique. When i get inspired to make art I either just go with what i picture in my head, or i look up pictures of trees, flowers, anything like that. I like to recreate them or use the same general idea the artist had. This marking period i might try to do different things other than flowers. I don't really have like a technique but I guess i enjoy doing water color and like building up my art with paint. Painting is my favorite thing to do in art. I use paint and brushes for my art most of the time. sometimes i used markers and colored pencils. I spent my time planning out what i was going to do with my art. Since I have most of my materials at home i found it relaxing to be able to go home and paint, its a very nice way to destress.

my art work